Our Courses

Puppy Foundation
This 6-week course costs £50. Puppies can start when they are vaccinated (usually 10-13 weeks) but must be no more than 18 weeks of age to join. With lots of instructor time and loads of expert advice on caring for your puppy, this class is great for first-time puppy owners. The foundations of good behaviour are taught in this class so it is a must for any young dog. Teaching includes care of your puppy, appropriate play with people and other dogs, walk on a lead, come when called, and basic commands. Classes include controlled socialisation with people and dogs, and expectations you should have of your puppy.

Companion Class
This fun 6-week course costs £40 and is perfect for older dogs, those that are too old for Puppy Foundation, and rescue dogs. Classes are limited to just six dogs, so there's plenty of individual attention. Classes last 45 minutes, during which time dogs learn basic good manners, eg walk on a loose lead, a short wait, meet and greet dogs and people, and come when called. It's particularly good if you are a first-time dog owner, or have a dog who does not do quite what you expect! The final week is an assessment to decide whether you and your dog are ready to progress to the Kennel Club GCDS awards.

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS)
This scheme was designed and is monitored by The Kennel Club. Our 13-week courses  cost £60 and support the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of achievement. The courses leading to the awards will help you have a well-mannered dog who is good in the home and a pleasure to be with when you are out and about. We will show you how to teach essential skills such as walk on a loose lead, come when called, wait, get in and out of the car under control, stop on cue, play nicely, go to bed, leave or give up food and toys, and walk safely off lead at different paces. There are also controlled opportunities to socialise your dog, and meet and greet other dogs and people in appropriate, unstressful ways using your dog's own negotiating and communication skills. There is a theory section on caring for your dog. Tests take place at club, and Silver and Gold tests are undertaken by an external KC-approved examiner.

Loyalty Award
This special award is for any dog who progresses from Puppy to Gold at club.

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